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Welcome to PROFILE Health & Fitness

Welcome to PROFILE Health & Fitness, the home of physiotherapy, massage, personal training, lifestyle coaching, nutritional advice, and exercise kinesiology.

PROFILE Health & Fitness is a unique team dedicated to delivering solutions in the fields of Rehabilitation, Lifestyle and Human Performance based in London. The team has an array of skills in rehabilitation, fitness and nutrition. As a team we are dedicated to supporting all of our clients on their journey towards optimum health.

We can take you through a whole journey from injury/pain, to recovery, to optimum health and fitness, better than you were before. We believe in optimum health and our goal is to help bring the right components together in the right order to produce rapid and effective results.

Although certain symptoms may seem familiar, each client is unique in both body and mind. Through a systematic process, we combine an individual’s personal history with the results of a wide variety of tests and measurements. These detailed assessments are designed to get to the root cause of a client’s pain or dysfunction, leaving no stone unturned.

Services include:

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