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CHEK Practitioner

C.H.E.K Practitioners are specialists in corrective exercise, high performance conditioning and lifestyle coaching. The prestigious C.H.E.K Institute based in the USA, is an elite training school for the top 5% of practitioners in the health & fitness industry.

What is unique about a C.H.E.K trained practitioner, compared to other health & fitness professionals, is that they teach holistic health and design highly specific exercise programs. A CHEK practitioner will solve problems by looking at each individual as a physical, mental and spiritual reality, not somebody who follows a recipe or cookie-cutter approach.

If you suffer from chronic pain, reoccurring injuries, poor posture or unwanted body fat, then through a series of precise structural and movement assessments, will be made to look at your specific needs and any challenges you may be facing. Holistic lifestyle coaching will teach you how disease and stress are preventable through eating healthy habits, lifestyle management and appropriate types of exercise to help you achieve your overarching dream.

Whether you're interested in corrective exercise, sports-specific training, post-rehabilitation, injury prevention, core and back conditioning, lifestyle modification, stress management or holistic nutrition, this is for you! These assessments can be so extensive that it can take up to 4 hours.

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