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The Metabolic Typing Diet

According to the metabolic typing diet, no one diet is right for all of us. Our metabolisms differ and so should our diets. The metabolic typing diet offers an explanation of why high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets may be right for some people, while high-carbohydrate diets are suitable for others.

What Is metabolic Typing

Metabolic typing represents the work of many doctors, researchers and biochemists over the last 70 years. The basic concept is that everyone is metabolically unique and “one man's meat is another man's poison.”

Metabolic Typing is a method for determining the correct mix on nutrients, (diet) that is specific or unique to a person.

At a cellular level, if they are not getting the right nutrients then the cells are not able to function properly. The impact of this poor function then flows through the body and can end up manifesting into forms of chronic degenerative diseases and illnesses, depression, fatigue, allergies and much more.

In so many cases in western countries we see a wide range of chronic degenerative diseases that in reality are caused from an incorrect mix of protein, carbohydrates, fats and oils. This incorrect mix does not allow our cells to have the correct fuel that they need to function.

In the western, media educated world where people so freely adopt viewpoints, it is said that a diet high in fat, too much red meat, salt, dairy and many other things is bad for us. This foundation concept is incorrect.

An incorrect mix of nutrition for anyone will cause poor function and health at a cellular level. The foundation of knowing your correct Metabolic Typing is that you will then be able to provide your body with the right mix of foods, (nutrients) that allows your body to function, be healthy and operate as it is designed for.

Modern medicine looks at the condition and seeks to treat it. Metabolic typing looks at the person and seeks to treat them.

Good health is a holistic and over all wellness that is made by many lifestyle choices. Metabolic Typing is one choice that can greatly assist people achieve a high level of health. When the person is treated correctly, many health problems resolve on their own.

This is an important distinction to make. When your metabolic type is correctly assessed and your diet and supplements adjusted accordingly, optimal health, with prevention and reversing of disease, can be achieved. Metabolic typing is much more effective than 'one size fits all' generalised nutritional approaches.

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